I work in an event firm and we have our pilot project. I'd like to ask for help on how to create marketing proposals that will truly deliver positive results. Any tips? Thanks.
The proposals are to be submitted for prospective advertisers.

Creating a basic yet effective marketing proposal is pretty simple. Here is a basic outline of what you can include.

1) Spell out your goals – Start with crafting a mission statement for your project.

2) Define your budget and resources – You will need money and man power to pull it off, figure out who and how much you will need to reach the goals you have set

3) Define your tools – Ads, direct mail, e-mail, word of mouth. What are the tools that you want to use to get you to the end result? Your budget and goals will define your tools for you. And don't forget to be creative and keep your audience in mind

4) Project your results – Where will this project be in 6 months, 2 years? How much do you expect to make? When will you be complete

Finally –Measure, Track and Measure again – Make sure as you proceed that you stick to your time lines, set your benchmark and track your progress. This is how you will know if your plan is working.