We are a 2 person start-up company. We have purchased a company with 10 years history, very good credit rating, and at zero employees, in NorthEast USA. Since we are tight on budget and are working as full time consultants ourselves, we are unable to market and expand the company. We were wondering if there are any websites/resources (besides posting an Ad on a jobs website) which we can explore to communicate to potential IT services marketing personnel in the NorthEast USA, to see if we can work on a commission-only basis initially. Once we start serving 2-3 clients and place a few consultants, we can afford to switch to a salary + commission option. This can be a great option for a marketing person who has contacts in the market but would like to work from home or work flex-time.
Thank You!

try craigs list www.craigslist.com just click on your area on the right after you get to their website