Im a junior in high school, I am going to a junior college for two years and then transferring to a university after, Im planning on getting my masters degree at the university. What steps should I take to becoming a marketing manager? And what is it like to be a marketing manager, what is a typical day like?

Marketing Management is the most interesting and the most challenging work in a business enterprise it is the department that brings in the money and the department in the business enterprise that touch based with the customers. The marketing concept encompasses three basic concepts. First a through understanding of the customer's needs, wants, and behavior and the development of the product and services of the company to meet these needs. Second emphasis on the integration of the marketing function with research, product development, sales, and advertising to enhance the total effectiveness of the firm. Last attention focused on profit rather than on sales volume. To answer your question the marketing manager has to coordinate all of these activities in his daily work mind you a day is not enough but marketing is interesting, challenging and most of all rewarding.