I am taking a Marketing Class for fun. And one of our assignments is coming up with product ideas. They can be additions to already invented items, just not reproductions. I am not so great at coming up with ideas…all of mine seem so far fetched and unexplainable in logical terms…any simple suggestions?

1. An application for iPhone or blackberry which allows you to see the person you are talking to on the screen. (Useful for deaf ppl so they can liread instead).

2. An appliance which refills your cup of (drink) when it is empty.. the appliance would have a sensor which knows when the cup is empty. (useful for old/weak disabled people or ppl in hospital when nurses are busy) or for use on your desk at home, on the dinner table where ever.

3. A page-finder for a book.. it fits onto the top of your book and you type in the page number and maybe even the start of the sentence you are looking for and it finds it and a marker points out the exact line.

4. A device for measuring the saturated fat content in food.. you stick it in the middle of the food and it gives a reading. Useful for health conscious and health freaks and people who have to follow a strict diet due to medical problems.