i am planning to get a Ph.D for advertising and related.
i just want to know, is if i get the Ph.D, does the 10 year experience requirement is still a problem, also, what else should i know about, to get this job?
Also, what courses should i take in collage to be eligible for this job?

You do not need a college education, let alone a Ph.D. There are no Ph.D.'s in advertising running creative departments. Ph.D.'s in advertising/marketing are usually research specialists. The only job you might be able to get with a Ph..D. in Advertising, aside from the abovementioned one is an assistant professorship in college. Since this pays approximately $5.00 a year more than an assistant manager at McDonald's, you can judge the value of this advanced degree on your resume.
Advertising/marketing courses won't prepare you — you'll have to forget and relearn everything once you're on the job–courses are dated, rigid, and very often just plain wrong. Each agency has its own culture as well — and that won't be taught in school.
To become an advertising creative director,
1. Have a very, very high IQ
2. Be extra-senstive to people
3. Have 300 ideas for every one your people suggest.
4. Be prepared to burn-out early
5. Be British — they are the best advertising people today.
6. Be a very good writer and/or art director. Not the best, though — you'll never rise to Advertising Creative Director, because you'll be too good where you are and you'll be bribed to stay there, rather than be promoted. Advertising Creative Directors are like editors — not necessarily the best creators their antennae can sense the best creativity and their unerring shaping and shellacking skills can turn it from idea to practicality.
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