I'd like to know what the best marketing software for a small business. What do other people use?

There is a ton of software out there. No software will do everything! You need to decide what you want out of a software program. Some software will hurt your efforts if you do not use it wisely.

The best places to market your business is social sites. They are free and very popular.

If you are are a small business with a local location that consumers come into and not just online then Local marketing online is the way to go ( google local, yahoo local, twitter, facebook, myspace, Customer list very important for email marketing ).

Take the time and find some webinars that will help you look at what type of marketing you need for your business.

I would start with twitter, facebook, and myspace. Then look up keywords that you think a customer would put in google to find your business.

I will be having a free webinar for about 20 people coming up soon on twitter and how to use it for small business.

An excellent example of using Twitter as a marketing tool, as a customer service avenue and as a Community Builder is Zappos.

let me know what kind of business it is and I may be able to be more specific on what tools you can use to promote it.