Whats the job title, and what I would be doing?
I know there are different areas in which marketing covers, such as: research, analysis, creative department, and so on. I would love for someone to elaborate on these, and more, areas in which marketing covers. What is the income of someone in the creative department. I would love to have some involvement in the creative process/ advertising sector or the production process. I know that people with certain personalities would do better in certain fields in marketing, but is it possible to learn the skills needed to excel in these areas?

Also, what does a "marketing agent" do?

I was just like you, i really wanted to get into the creative process of an advertising agency. I just graduated in december, and let me tell you… if you don't have experience in marketing (internship etc..) than it is going to be very difficult for you to get your foot in the door for any sort of "marketing" job. I was real pissed to find this out.. for a field that seemingly strives on creativity… all they value is experience.

I never even got a shot at an interview… and i'm a pretty dam^ funny creative guy.

With that being said… most people that graduate with a marketing degree end up in sales. Which let me tell you… isn't a bad thing. Sales can be tough, but it can be rewarding. It takes a marketers sort of personality to be into sales too… ya know funny, creative, a people person. My advice would be to get into sales if you have the heart for it. There's alot of money out there you just have to be willing to go out and get it. It would probably be easiest to find a job that does most of their selling over the phone, to start off. Learn the ropes and see if its for you. Trust me man… you'll be making more in a few years, than the owners of any marketing agency, if your any good at sales.