What is the best way to sell advertising space?

I currently ride one of the 400 rickshaws in central London and I am looking to get a new one. They cost a lot of money and I would like a company to purchase the advertising space located in the back for £4000. At this price they will get continuous advertising for 5 years. What…

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Is there a way to find out if a company uses Google Adwords?

I would like to know if a particular company uses Google Adwords – I am researching their ads. Is there some kind of directory for Google Adwords users? no there isnt….but i would google their website name…or the website title or products…you should see it on the adwords. once you search by website can…

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Brooker’s: 10 Biggest s in Advertising

Charlie Brooker runs through the ten worst blokes in current UK TV advertising. From Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe. Duration : 0:3:21

Manage Your Google Adwords PPC Campaign How to manage and optimize your Google adwords PPC campaign: Duration : 0:10:29

How can one start a career in marketing research?

I have a Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in Marketing. I am interested in getting into a career in the market research industry, however I am having difficulty finding jobs in this field. Most jobs for marketing majors seem to be in sales. I do not feel that I have the right personality and strengths…

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What advertising company made McDonald’s ad during the Olympics with those two boys soccer teams?

There was this nice commercial during the Olympics by McDonalds that showed 2 boys soccer teams, when the one team won they taunted the other losing team of boys until the losers got McDonalds food, then they shut up. What advertising company made that commercial? Most likely it was DDB in Chicago. McDonald’s uses a…

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How do I customize Ads on Google Adwords per key word?

I have 100 keywords on Google Adwords in one campaign & adgroup. All the Ads read the same thing, how can I customize each ad to reflect the individual keyword? You need to create more ad groups and move some of the keywords into the newly created ad groups. Then write new ads that are…

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Fantastico marketing pessoal

Max Gehringer revela os mandamentos pra se fazer um marketing pessoal no trabalho Duration : 0:6:48

Truth in Advertising

Funny Duration : 0:2:38

Marketing for personal injury laywers and attorneys, how to market your practice ?

I am a personal injury lawyer currently working for a company, but I am interested in starting my own practice, how should I go about marketing my personal injury practice ? Check out these guys, they are quite affordable

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